Diverso Games
Based in São Paulo, Brazil

Release date:
9 March, 2016

iOS and tvOS


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Eternally called by the song of the ocean, a surfer’s journey is never ending. You search the world over looking for that perfect ride. There's always one more wave to conquer. And now the endless wave is finally out there...All within the palm of your hand. Use your bodacious skills to break the record for the longest wave ever ridden. How far do you think you can go? Be careful however, throughout this beach-themed adventure you have to avoid a series of pitfalls. Crowds will attempt to get in your way, wipeouts are most certainly a hazard, and watch out for that which lurks beneath the water’s surface. Remember, the experienced surfer doesn't ever want to become shark bait. Go Surf is a Freemium game. In the store you can buy items and accessories by using the coins you win in the game.



  • Don't miss the endless wave and go ahead with this epic surf ride!
  • Relaxing and challenging gameplay.
  • Procedurally generated wave. Each wave is unique like is in nature.
  • Avoid the crowd and be careful. The water is full of sharks!
  • Amazing ‘match puzzle’ trick system. Collect a sequence of gems to make sick moves.
  • Be radical! Do cut backs, floaters, aerials, get barrels and much more!
  • Spectecular scenes with dynamic day and night cycle. Including Rain Mode.
  • Easy to learn hard to master one tap flow.
  • Original and breathtaking graphics. Handcrafted music and fxs.
  • 60 fps animation.
  • Five characters , each one with their own abilities and style.
  • Surf with thrusters, guns and longboards.
  • Are you feeling nostalgic? Try to surf with an Alaia too.
  • Challenge your friends for Hi Score and Most tricks per ride.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured as Best New Game in more than 75 countries" AppStore, 7 April, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "I wish surfing was that easy in real life."
    - Tasos Lazarides, TouchArcade
  • "Go Surf has it’s own unique minimalistic and flat art style that is easy on the eyes."
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "Go Surf in particular feels like it nails that beach lifestyle vibe."
    - Jared Nelson, TouchArcade

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About Diverso Games

We're a little social and mobile game studio based in São Paulo, Brazil, focused on create games that put smiles on your face.

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Go Surf - The Endless Wave Credits

Almir Ribeiro
Founder, Diverso Games

Marcos Coura
Marketing Director, Diverso Games

Said Wafiq
Art Director, Diverso Games

Ronaldo Fleming
Developer, Diverso Games

André Batista
UI Artist, Diverso Games

Aldous Massie
Illustrator, Freelancer

Giordano Caldas
Animator, Freelancer

Fernão Spadotto
Animator, Freelancer

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